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Welcome to A.C.E., Inc.ís Florida docket sheet and case copy services website! Our statewide court courier company is here to help you in taking care of all of your messenger needs.

A.C.E., Inc. is a 25-year-old courthouse courier company that has been conducting its business throughout the entire state of Florida, where our corporate office is located in Boynton Beach. A.C.E., Inc. takes pride in being the go-to courthouse messenger company to handle all of your legal support service needs in the state of Florida. 

 If you need docket sheets retrieved or other case copy services to be handled by a professionally licensed courthouse runner in any city or county in the state of Florida, please contact us anytime. We will be sure to provide you with a flat fee and offer you our highest level quality of service in Florida guaranteed.  

A.C.E., Inc. prides itself on being a state recognized courthouse courier company that is trustworthy and efficient. We take your business very seriously, where we go through extensive lengths to get the job done in a manner that is accurate and time-sensitive. An appropriate affidavit of service is documented and delivered upon completion of each court courier request.

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We also file and record documents at all tax collectors, recorders, property appraiser and government offices

What is a Docket Sheet?
A Court Docket Sheet is a case accounting diary kept in a case file and in the Clerks computer at a Florida courthouse. The Docket Sheet lists all official papers filed and actions taken in a particular case. Each
Docket Sheet has a specific case number, plaintiff (s) and Defendant (s). In some court matters the plaintiff is also called the petitioner and the defendant is called the respondent. All Florida court cases have a docket sheet, are public records and can be accessed either on-line or in person at the courthouse where the case was filed.  Except for juvenile court and certain other types of confidential matters (such as adoptions), case files and docket sheets are public records and can be inspected by anyone.

The term, Docket Sheet is sometimes used informally to refer to a court calendar, the schedule of the appearances scheduled for a court, or the caseload as a whole. Some courts may differentiate between "docket" (the dates on which the court is open) and "oral argument calendar" (the dates for which each case is scheduled). In the United States of America there is currently no one comprehensive docket database for all state and federal courts. Though every case filed has a docket sheet it may not be readily available and easily accessible without direct access to the court where the records are kept. Therefore, most Lawyers, Attorneys, Barristers, Counselors and legal professionals who need a copy of a docket sheet and or case file copies rely upon the services of a reputable Nationwide Public Records Research Company such as the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation based in Boca Raton, Florida USA.

When you need to retrieve a copy of a docket sheet and or obtain case file copies anywhere in the State of Florida, please email info@AceFLA.com o This agency a/k/a "ACE Services" will coordinate and handle your case file and copy needs! The contact information offered here is for ordering docket sheets and retrieving court case files anywhere in the State of Florida. Service Fees start at $75.00 U.S., plus copy expenses and are available immediately. All services can be paid for by credit card and all court records can be returned via Pdf file attached to an email. To arrange services please, at first, email only; send all information and explain what you would like us to handle for you. All services are guaranteed and are performed in a timely manner.

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